Flexible investments in alternative assets

Secure your wealth with Vaultoro's Saving Plans

Protect your wealth from inflation by investing in gold and other assets. Vaultoro's savings plans make it super easy to protect your financial future.

Savings Plans

Savings Plans

Setting up a savings plan with Vaultoro is quick and easy. Simply create an account, choose a plan and set up your automatic payments. There's no need to worry about purchasing individual assets - your funds are invested into your chosen plan automatically.

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The key to any investment strategy today

1. No long-term commitment
2. At your pace, one-time or regularly
3. You can sell your investments anytime
4. You can change your savings plan anytime
5. Work towards your savings goal



What kind of assets can I save in?

You can save in physical gold, physical silver, Bitcoin and Ethereum based on our selection of savings plans.

How safe are my investments?

All gold and silver is stored in Swiss high security vaults, fully insured and audited. We have been storing precious metals for our customers since 2015. Furthermore we are a regulated virtual asset service provider and store your cryptocurrencies in cold storage

We furthermore recommend to secure your account with advanced security measures like two factor authentication.

How can I invest?

It is an easy three step process. We support payments via the SEPA network in the Eurozone or BACS in the United Kingdom. Learn More

What does it cost?

We charge 3 Euro/Month minimum or 1% of your total assets per year for the handling of your assets, automated fulfilment and most importantly, the insurance and regular auditing. Learn More

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