A Plan For Everyone

It is Vaultoro's mission to make alternative assets available to anyone as it is very difficult to secure your wealth bank independent, especially in small amounts. We researched the volatility and long-term viability of certain asset combinations to find the perfect combination of assets for you.

Curated Plans

Crafted For You

Each plans volatility is carefully researched by our data analysts. We will add the ability to add a custom plan in the future but we believe that through our questionnaire you can find the perfect solution for you.


The Alchemist Plan

100% Gold for maximum hedge against inflation.


The Optimus Plan

Investing 10% in silver, the industrial powerhouse.


The Explorer Plan

Adding 5% Bitcoin with the remaining as precious metals for diversification.


The Blockchain Plan

70% in metals, 30% to the blockchain and web3 ecosystem.


The Enthusiast Plan

Even distriubution between metals and crypto for maximum of potential gains.