Precious Metals

Easy Pricing

Vaultoro's precious metal and crypto asset prices are calculated on the basis of the current prices on the largest precious metal trading exchanges. We take a spread on your purchases and sales as well as a small management fee

Platform Fee

The storage fee covers your storage, insurance and auditing. It is calculated and billed monthly. The storage fee is deducted from your gold holdings. The minimum storage fee is €3 a month and covers the following

  • Investment Fees
  • Insurance of Precious Metals
  • Audits
  • Cold Storage

€3/£3 month or 1% yearly*

* for savings worth over €3600

Easy Pricing

When the money arrives in our bank account the purchase of precious metals or cryptocurrencies triggered automatically. The price you get is calculated at that moment in time and is calculated based on the world spot price.

  • 3% spread on all purchases or sales
  • €0.00/£0.00 bank transfer fee (until end of June)
  • €2.00/£2.00 bank transfer fee (after June 2023)
  • Customer Support

3% Spread